The Mayan Calender 2012


With December 2012 fast approaching it seems everybody in all four corners of the globe is talking about the End of the World and what will happen to humankind. The ancient Mayan calendar hits its reset button and returns to zero, completing the cycle known as the “Long Count”. So what will happen in December 2012? Natural disasters? Un-natural disasters? The return of Planet X? Will the world really end, or is it simply a natural shift to a new era in human consciousness.

Let’s start with a few questions….

Why is there so much talk about the end of the Mayan Calendar, and what does it mean? The Mayans had a long history of tracking the winter solstice and creating calendars. At some point they developed the belief that our sun is a God “Hunab Ku” and the Milky Way, called the “sacred tree” was a gateway to the afterlife. They began keeping records of the stars and continued to do so for the next 200-300 years. From here the Mayans developed their own calendar “The Long Count” They were able to use their observations and mathematical genius to calculate the future movements of the stars. It is true that this calendar, after a cycle of 5,125 years, which started in 3114 B.C., will soon come to a dramatic end.

Is the world really going to end? Will the blockbuster movie “2012” really mirror this day’s event?The plain and simple truth is that End of the World is not a scare tactic. From thousands of years ago, ancient cultures believed that the world would end. The million-dollar question is when? The images from the Hollywood movie showed us how the Earth ended, with tsunami surging over the Himalayas, earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weather changes. No one is 100% certain of what will actually happen on December 21st 2012.

Is there really a planet called “Plant X” (also known by Nibiru AKA)? to us?Many years before modern technical advances it was known that there were many more planets in our solar system. NASA is constantly making new discoveries. They discovered that there is a planet beyond Pluto – Planet X. This planet is estimated to be a large as Earth and is proved that there is a tenth planet in our solar system.


Is there anything that we can learn from the Mayans?The Mayans were incredibly advanced in their thought processes and had a very fascinating connection with the cosmos, planets, stars and galaxies. These mysterious people had many beliefs. One of these beliefs were that trees were intermediaries between the physical and the spiritual worlds, and absolutely essential to life. The trees give us oxygen to let us breathe and to create nourishing rains upon which we depend, sustaining life. In recent times we are missing these rains where the tress have been cut down or burned. There is evidence that they also believed that “with the death of the last tree comes the death of human race.”


The New Era: How will man change? Man will not give up his obsession with power, greed, ignorance, and corruptive ways. Each day the number of billionaires increases. Man forgets that they enter this life with nothing and they leave with nothing. The only way man will change is by spiritual means; the forces are out there. A spiral awakening is on its way whether we like it or not. On December 21st man will wake up to a new world where greed, corruption and selfishness have been cleared from our thoughts, and we become a society that cares and respects the Earth and ourselves.


And one finally question: Where will you be during this much talked about day?


To sum things up, the Mayan World is attached with excitement and extreme interest. This date has a huge significance due to the knowledge of the lunar-solar records, cosmic events and many other things that are happening in our world. This year could be the end of the world or it could be beginning of a fresh era.

…..Could humankind really meet its end in December 2012 – seared by an angry sun, drowned in apocalyptic floods, smacked by a secret planet, or thrown overboard by speeding continents?


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