Why did the Mayans disappear?

It seems that everyone is talking about the End of the World and more and more people are talking about this mysterious civilization. People have become fascinated by their culture, beliefs and their ways of life. There are many unanswered questions surrounding the Mayans. Probably one of the most talked about questions is Why did the Mayans disappear? Did they starve to death, did they all die in battle or did they abandon their temples and cities and simply leave? Or could it be possible that something more mystical happened like alien abduction? Transported to Atlantis, or did their angry Gods banish them from Earth?

The rational theories: Centuries ago, it was estimated that at one time more that 15 million Maya lived in Mexico and also in parts of Central America. The Mayans always lived and built their cities near a water source. One theory, made by NASA, is that that climate changes and draught caused millions of people to die, just leaving a few hundred survivors. Another strong theory is that they may have fought themselves to death. Warfare amongst the Mayans was a big deal. Many of the large cities would battle each other and leaving many dead. However, today there are more than 8 million Mayans living in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. They live in very small communities; many of them speak their language and continue to follow their traditions. Did the Mayans disappear due to explainable answers or did they disappear in more mysterious ways?

Are all of the Mayans living in Atlantis? Just like the Atlanteans, the Mayans had a very intricate link with the cosmos, stars and planets. It is believed that the people of Atlantis taught the Mayans and the Egyptians how to build their pyramids.  Could this be the reason that their pyramids have many similarities? Interestingly enough they also believed that the cosmos held forbidden secrets, and one day would destroy the whole of mankind. The Mayans were extremely intelligent and predicted many things. They predicted the world was going to end when their calendar ended. So did the Mayans make some kind of deal or agreement to move to Atlantis where they knew that they would be safe?

Alien abduction? Or could the disappearance of the Mayans have something to do with Aliens? Aliens have always been linked with the disappearance of the Mayans.  Did another life force help them in building their pyramids and then save them when the predicted the world would end? These massive boulders, which were thought to have been mysteriously transported through the air from somewhere, as no man could of never have lifted these ten tones boulders alone. It is believed that under every one of the hundreds of temples and pyramids lays alien spaceships. On the dawn of what could be the end of the world these spaceships will arise from under these cities and free all of the Mayans.  Alien abduction is the most talked about and probably the most fascinating reason that millions of people vanished.

Did the Gods banish the Mayans? The Mayans had many connections with the Sky World, with the Gods and predicting the future. They communicated with their Gods by human sacrifice and bloodletting. An interesting theory is that Mayans lost faith in their Gods and gave up hope in them. The Gods become furious and ordered famine and draught that would punish them. Could this of really happened?

Answering this question continues to be almost impossible. Millions of people have very different views, and most of us still not sure what to answer. There is an Mayan legend states that an ancient Mayan King led his people underground where they would be safe until one day the Maya would return to their surface and reclaim their lands. Could we see the return of millions of Mayans on December 21st 2012?


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