Seek to Feel Irrelevant

Larra Nima

I remember when I went diving in an underwater/underground cave, we had to follow a rope line so we won’t get lost. There was a point where I looked to my right and there was nothing else but an endless darkness from the depths of the cave.

In that moment, I reveled in the overwhelming fascination with the darkness.
In that moment, I felt like everything was irrelevant.
I felt irrelevant.
That part of the cave was either unexplored or people who have gone there never came back because they got lost.
I lost myself too.

I think maybe that’s what absolution is: when you get over yourself and realize that there’s more depth and beauty to everything that anyone could ever fathom… meaninglessly meaningful as it may.

I’m restless and impatient and it takes a lot to capture my full attention. For the most part, I think I flitter…

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