Top 10 restaurants in Puerto Morelos


In Puerto Morelos you will find some of the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya. There are excellent coffee houses, restaurants and a bakery. You will find Mexican, Italian, Asian, Vegetarian and Seafood restaurants.

No trip to Puerto Morelos would be complete with having breakfast at El Nicho. Chef Pablo is the master chef at El Nicho, serving some esquite dishes that will leave you wanting to go back for more. House favorites include Banana waffles, Vegan Fajitas and Ham omelets. 

  •   Type of food:  International / Mexican
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 8am – 2pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  4 USD – 10USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 201 0992
  •   Address:   Av Tulum & Rojo Gomez, Puerto Morelos

Many people talk about the pizzas at I Wanna Pizza and how great they really are. The people that have eaten there agree with us, and say how great their pizzas are. They are most famous for their 4 cheeses pizza and for the Mexican sausage pizza.

  •   Type of food:  Pizza
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 6pm –11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 15 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 846 6798
  •   Address: Av Niños Heroes, Puerto Morelos

3.- SALCICCIA “Amazing oven cooked Mexican sausages”

Salciccia is in a new location across from the town square in the port side of Puerto Morelos and tipped as serving the best food in the Riviera Maya. There serve a large selection of pork and chicken sausages. Don’t miss out on trying the “Queen of Sausages” served with lots of sausage meat, avocado, and salad – just divine!

  •   Type of food:  Bagels, Sandwiches
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 6pm –11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  5 USD – 15 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 206 9053
  •   Address: Av Jose Maria Morelos 33, Puerto Morelos


4.- TANINO´S WINE HOUSE “Über Trendy and chic”

 This is a highly romantic restaurant with candle light tables and soft music playing in the background, serving some of the world’s finest wines. This chic wine bar is tucked away in Puerto Morelos and is the ideal place to go with the one you love. 

  •   Type of food:  Dinner, International, Healthy
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 6pm –11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  5 USD – 15 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 235 4127
  •   Address: Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos

El Pesquero is located by the famous lighthouse of Puerto Morelos that was hit badly by hurricanes Gilbert in 1987 and Wilma in 2005. This restaurant serves amazing fresh fish tacos and ceviche and is the perfect choice who a seafood fanatics.

  •   Type of food:  Seafood
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 10pm –10pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 25 USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 243 0735
  •   Address: Av Rafael Melgar (Light house St), Puerto Morelos

This is one of the trendiest restaurants in Puerto Morelos, offering some mouth watering dishes. John is the owner and head chef and makes sure that each of his dishes is of world class standards.

  •   Type of food:  American / Mexican
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 2pm –10pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 30 USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 871 0655
  •   Address:  Av Niños Heroes, Puerto Morelos 

Located just 2 blocks from the beach, this is first of its kind in Puerto Morelos, offering delicious dishes including empanadas, salads, Pasta, pizza and grilled meats. Many people that dine here rave about the large potions, delicious food and excellent service.

  •   Type of food:  Uruguayan Grill & Italian Cuisine
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 5pm –1am
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 30 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 241 8220
  •   Address:  Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos


This cozy little restaurant is located right by the main plaza. This restaurant offers great snacks and meals. Their house specials include, Fish Fillet Veracruzana, Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Ravioli and the ceviche. You can have a great meal with a beer for around 15 USD per person

  •   Type of food:  Budget dining
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 5pm –1am
  •   Prices Per Person:  5 USD – 15 USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 251 7948
  •   Address:  Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos

Located in the main square of Puerto Morelos, this is a very popular restaurant that serves a variety of traditions dishes from Asia including Wonton Soup and Italian delicacies including their famous Shrimp pasta and Hawaiiana Pizza.

  •   Type of food:  Italian and Asian
  •   Opening times: Tues – Thurs 3pm -1030pm, Fri 3am -10.30pm, Sat 3pm – 10.30 Sun 1-9pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 20 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 116 8321
  •   Address: Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos

10.- CANTINA HABANERO “Best food, cold beer and entertainment in Puerto Morelos”

This restaurant is great for people of all age. It has regular bands that play live music, including well knows rock band Verigo777 and the award winning Mark Mulligan. There vast menu includes the famous Spicy Chicken burger, shrimp cocktail and the mozzarella cheese pizza

  •   Type of food:  Mexican / international / Pizza
  •   Opening times: Everyday 10am -11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 20 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 116 8321
  •   Address:  Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos


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