Mexico is Cancun and something else: Isla Contoy

Vacations in Mexico often mean Caribbean Sea, sun, white sandy beaches, turquoise water, CancunPlaya del Carmen and the RivieraMaya. If you do come to the Mexican Caribbean and like nature, then you will love visiting a little piece of heaven called Isla Contoy. This is a small island 30 km north of Isla Mujeres that was declared a national park in 1998 and is, therefore, inhabited. Mayan Explore truly recommends you visit it.
Isla Contoy
Due to its position and status, Isla Contoy has become the most important place for birds in the Caribbean Sea, making it home to 173 registered species. Moreover, during summer time three different types of marine turtles come to its shores. Being relatively near Holbox Island, its waters are also rich in plankton and other nutrients, attracting the beautiful Whale Sharks from May to September, which will be another tour to try during your holidays in Cancun and the area. Snorkeling is definitely one of the best activities around Isla Contoy, since the Ixlaché Coral reef starts right there. Go around it, observe the beautiful marine nature, but please do not touch anything and just take your memories back with you. You will help us preserve this natural treasure.
Isla Contoy is an important base for scientific research, where biologist and researchers come to understand the ecosystem and important findings have been discovered here. As a tourist, just embrace this unique little island, enjoy the mangroves that cover 70% of its territory, the amazing birds, the countless fish, and you will truly find paradise during your vacations in CancunPlaya del Carmenand the Riviera Maya. Somehow, Isla Contoy and its protectors have managed to balance out nature and tourists, especially because only 200 people a day can visit it.  The island counts with just very simple infrastructure, but you will be able to have an amazing meal (mainly fish based) at the restaurant. 
Stingrays around Isla Contoy

How to get there
You will find authorized ships that will take you to Isla Conty in Cancun, Punta Sam, Puerto Juarez and Isla Mujeres. Have a look at our tour and activity section to book your tour during your holidays in Cancun and the area. Remember to book in advance, because only 200 visitors are allowed each day


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