Puerto Morelos, Cancun Travel Guide – Top Restaurants

In Puerto Morelos you will find some of the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya. There are excellent coffee houses, restaurants and a bakery. You will find Mexican, Italian, Asian, Vegetarian and Seafood restaurants.

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Tulum, Riviera Maya – The best beach in Mexico

Tulum Beach,  known as the best beach in Mexico  is located on the Riviera Maya 1 hour 30 minutes south Cancun. There are many activities to do in Tulum, and this is why Tulum is internationally famous for being one of the top destinations for vacations in the world

Tulum beach hotels - mayanexplore.com

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Riviera Maya – Akumal Beach, a hidden jewel you must visit

One of the most important beaches in the Riviera Maya is Akumal Beach, the paradise for turtles. Here you will find a brief description about Akumal Beach including: hotels, restaurants, tours and things to do in Akumal, a magical small town that will offer you  a once in a life experience to swim with turtles or if you prefer, dive and snorkel in the world´s second largest reef.
Things to do in Akumal - mayanexplore.com

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Romantic hotels and vacations in Cancun

Are you dreaming about spending some romantic vacations in Cancun? Mayan Explore review hotels, restaurants, spas and activities thinking about how you can have your best romantic vacation experience.

We want to make sure you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

If you’re looking for a romantic vacation in Cancun, Mayan Explore is in charge of evaluating the best hotels that will offer you an unforgettable experience. Here’s a list of our preferred hotels. Here you will also find some romantic hotel deals in Cancun.


Romantic vacations and hotels in Cancun

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Yal Ku Lagoon in Akumal, Riviera Maya Mexico

The Yal Ku lagoon in Akumal is quite different from other snorkeling lagoons. When you enter to this paradise the first thing that you’ll notice is the art work. Many areas in the jungle are dotted with both traditional and contemporary statues.

There is no beach, nor are there any changing rooms. A small restroom is the only amenity


The Yal Ku lagoon in Akumal has fresh & salt water that comes from underground springs from the Caribbean Sea, hampered by the different temperatures

Some pieces are in the jungle like setting that take one to the shore-line while other pieces are out among the small islands. This is an extremely peaceful and picturesque setting. There were but a handful of people there the day we spent a few hours exploring the lagoon.

The yal-ku lagoon is great for snorkeling, you’ll be delighted hundreds of colorful fish. Incredible species can be observed in depths no greater than six feet with little or no waves at all. Many rock formations in the lagoon create a fascinating underwater spectacle . A special ecosystem for the exotic marine creatures which you can see perfectly while snorkeling, You can simply float on the surface or dive underwater to see them. Several species of tropical fish spend some time here before they reach the proper size and maturity.


Admire the starfish and urchins, damselfish, sergeant majors, hamlets, parrotfish, blue tangs and queen triggerfish, among other Caribbean species.

We recommend visit the Yalku Lagoon in the morning and try not to go on weekends since there are more visitors.


Take the highway #307 towards Akumal. When you are in Akumal, go through the arch, and then turn to the left. Go straight, pass a bunch of villas and La Buena Vida restaurant. After this restaurant, you will see the directions to Yalku Lagoon in Akumal.

Yalku lagoon
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The Ruins of Tulum is one of the top visited mayan archeological sites

The Ruins of Tulum one of the top visited mayan archeological site, located on the Caribbean coast overlooking the tourquoise waters… Find out the activities in Tulum,

 Tulum is a Mayan city, located along the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the State of Quintana Roo, 80 miles south of Cancun. The Ruins of Tulum which name is derived from the Mayan word for wall served to defend the city against invaders from both land and sea.

 Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayans. The height of its development was between the 13th and 15th centuries. Nowadays, this remarkable area continues to be revered, not only for its history, but its extraordinary beauty and hospitality.

Although the ruins are structurally less impressive than Chichen Itza or Uxmal and much less extensive, Tulum is one of the most picturesque of all the Mayan sites, hovering from 39 feet tall cliffs over the turquoise Caribbean. Because of this, the historic Tulum was voted as the #18 Best Destination in the Caribbean and Mexico.

The archaeological site of Tulum is about a 1 hour drive south of Playa del Carmen. These Mayan ruins are some of the best preserved in the Yucatan and have the most beautiful broad white beaches, considered the finest in the Riviera Maya. 

 Activities to do in Tulum Ruins:

There are three major structures of interest: El Castillo, The Temple of the Frescoes and The Temple of the Descending God.

• Visit El Castillo is the tower which dominates the area and is perched on the cliff. Its columns decorated with plumed serpents are an indication of Toltec influence. Beneath El Castillo is a small but perfect beach, where the Mayans would have landed their canoes.

• Visit The Temple of the Frescoes has a portrayal of a man on a horse, which indicates that these drawings were still being worked on after the Spanish invasion. The horse was introduced by the Spanish and was worshiped by Mayans as a godly creature.


 • Visit The Temple of the Descending God has a stucco relief of an upside-down winged god that also has bee-like features signifying the importance of honey to the Mayans.

* Visit the beach that is beneath el Castillo where you will find a beautiful sandy beach and the glimmering caribbean sea.

* We recommend you visit the archeological site early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

* South to the archeological site you will find a gorgeous white sand beach where there are many small bars, beach and spa hotels, beachfront cabins and restaurants to choose from in Tulum.


How to get to Tulum Ruins from Cancun or Playa del Carmen

– By bus: The ADO from Cancun , Merida and Playa del Carmen can take you directly to Tulum. From Cancun to Tulum is a 2 hour drive that cost  around $100 pesos. From Playa del Carmen to Tulum is a 1 hour ride that cost around $62 pesos. From Merida is a 4 hour drive that cost around $276 pesos.

– By Car: From Cancun , drive south for around 110 km or 100 minutes ( you need to pass Playa del Carmen ) . From Playa del Carmen drive south around 50 km (around one hour). From Merida the best way is driving to Valladolid, then to Coba and finally go straight to Tulum (around 2.5 hours).

 – There are some local vans (called colectivos) in the highway of the Riviera Maya and in Playa del Carmen that can take you to Tulum for a very low cost. Specially for the ones that are staying in a resort in the Riviera Maya.

 Schedule and Prices:

 From 8:00 am to 7:00 pm in summer

 From 7:00 am to 6:00 pm in winter

 Price: $ 45 pesos



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Cancun Vacation Experts Travel and Vacation Guide #ThrowBackThursday

Cancun is the preferred  beach destination in Mexico for many reasons with an exlusive atmosphere for a family vacation, romantic getaway, business convention or friends vacation.

Mayan Explore   gives you diffferent options to plan your vacations of your dreams:  From budget vacation hotels to a Luxury experience. Book your vacation in each one of our options. We have the best deals for Cancun Vacations


 As a Cancun Travel and Vacation Guide , there  are many many diving centers that offer unique experiences into the  rich waters of this destination and Cozumel. Home of the second world’s  largest barrier reef with a huge marine life. You can select from diving  in the caribbean sea, the cenotes or caverns.

 Coco Bongo Club is a huge party venue located in the bustling hotel zone of Cancun. Multi-level seating, Rock and Roll and Salsa Bands comprise the Coco Bongo club. Also on offer is a musical mix journeying through 70s, 80s, 90s, Dance, Trace and Hip Hop. But there are also entertaining shows: Flying acrobats, bar top conga lines, movie clips project onto high tech video screen and live bands.

 Mayan Explore Cancun Vacation Experts Travel Guide knows what travelers are looking for in their vacactions . There are a few public beaches in Cancunthat are less quiet and just as nice, these include: Playa Linda, Playa Langosta, Playa Tortugas which can be found on the beaches between the hotel zone and Isla Mujeres and is probably the best area for snorkeling.

Opposite Sr Frogs there is another public beach in Cancun called Playa Chac-Mool, and also for an amazing view of the Caribbean sea  head to Playa Delfines, which is located by Iberostar. Just across the road from Playa Delfines lies a small Mayan Ruin called “El Rey” well worth a quick visit. Make sure to pick up your maps at the airport, they have great maps and lots of discounts on many of the restaurants and nightclubs.

Cancun activities accomodation and lodgingThroughout the year, Mayan Explore offers exclusive Cancun vacation packages to give you the best holidays. Sometimes we offer discounts up to 60%, free upgrades, and other Cancun vacation packages in order to have an unforgettable and memorable Cancun vacation trip. 

 Remember: with Mayan Explore you will find the lowest hotel rate on the web. After reserving with us, please send an email tovacationassistance@mayanexplore.com with your reservation number and you will receive exclusive discounts for your airport transfers, a personalized activity plan and extra valuable tips for your vacation holiday.

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Izamal, one of Mexico’s 35 “Magical Towns” #TravelTuesday

Izamal Merida is one of the 35 “Magical Towns” of Mexico. Known as the oldest city in Yucatan, tt is a small town, with the estimated population of 15,000 people.

 Where is located Izamal Merida? Is located in the middle of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Yucatan, about 40 miles east from the state capital, Mérida.


 It is known as “The Yellow City”, since the entire downtown is painted in egg-yolk yellow.

It is probably one of the eldest cities in Yucatan, founded in the 4th century A.D. by Itzamna, leader and patriarch of the Mayan people. Actually known as the “City of three cultures”, Izamal brings together elements of the pre Hispanic, colonial and contemporary eras.

It is also called the “City of the Hills” because of the archaeological remains located in the town centre, including the pyramids of Itzamatul, Kabul and Hucpintok and the talles in Yucatan, the 115 feet tall pyramid of Kinich-Kakmo.


 What to do in Izamal Merida:

  • Visit the Franciscan Monastery, built on top of a Mayan pyramid;
  • Visit the he Government Palace, a large city model with pyramids, colonial buildings, parks, plazas, horses and people;
  • Visit the Kinich Kakmo pyramid, the largest pre Hispanic temple in Yucatan;
  • Visit the Community Museum, located under the Conven.
  • Visit the Santuario de la Virgen de Izamal: The monastery’s principal church is this santuray. The main holiday in Izamal is on August 15.
  • There’s a 30 minute sound and light show here three days a week on tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday at 8:30 pm in summer and 7:30 pm in winter.
  • On sundays you can enjoy “Izamal en Domingo” in the Parque Zamna from 9 am to 3 pm , where you will see a big exposition of mexican art , music and gastronomy.
  • Hire a horse – drawn carriage ( calsea) to take you to the homes where the local mayan artisans work to create crafts.
  • Shop in Hecho a mano store on the main square 
 Izamal Merida is a picturesque colonial town. Its’ beautiful old houses painted in white and ochre, streets made of cobblestone, colonial lamp posts and sounds of horses, create a magic scenery, making from this place a real “Magical Town”

 Visit Izamal Merida is to visit three cultures at the same time: the ancient Mayan, the colonial mexico and the present day. Izamal is a mexican monument with color, history and pride.

 Did you know that?

• In Izamal Merida There are 20 Mayan structures still standing and around Izamal. The most famous one is K´inich K´ak´Mo, named after the ruler “Great sun Fire Macaw “It is one of the largest pyramids in the Yucatan. 

• A small museum in the church commemorates the visit of Pope John Paul II to Izamal in 1993, the International Year of Indigenous People, when he pledged the Catholic Church s support for the Mayan people. 

• In 1949 the Virgin de Guadalupe was adopted as the patron saint of the Yucatan.

 Where to eat in Izamal?

We recommend you the restaurant El Toro in front of the monastery. It is a restaurant specialized in yucatec food with also some international dishes.

 How to get to Izamal Merida from Cancun?

From Cancun you can take the highway 180 , west for 3.5 hours approximately 273 km ( 169 mi). Wath for the sign that reads Izamal and turn nord. It is also 80 km ( 50 miles) east of Merida

– By bus in Cancun : You can take a first class bus of the company ADO to Valladolid and then a second class bus to Izamal


 Where to stay in Izamal Merida:

– Homantic Hotel Santo Domingo ( Traveler’s Choice Award 2012)

– Hacienda Sacnite

– Eco Hotel Green River

– Hotel Iztamaltun

 Cheap hotels and hostels in Izamal:

  Hotel Macanche Bed & Breakfast

– Hotel San Miguel Arcangel

– Rinconada del Convento

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Top 10 restaurants in Puerto Morelos


In Puerto Morelos you will find some of the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya. There are excellent coffee houses, restaurants and a bakery. You will find Mexican, Italian, Asian, Vegetarian and Seafood restaurants.

No trip to Puerto Morelos would be complete with having breakfast at El Nicho. Chef Pablo is the master chef at El Nicho, serving some esquite dishes that will leave you wanting to go back for more. House favorites include Banana waffles, Vegan Fajitas and Ham omelets. 

  •   Type of food:  International / Mexican
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 8am – 2pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  4 USD – 10USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 201 0992
  •   Address:   Av Tulum & Rojo Gomez, Puerto Morelos

Many people talk about the pizzas at I Wanna Pizza and how great they really are. The people that have eaten there agree with us, and say how great their pizzas are. They are most famous for their 4 cheeses pizza and for the Mexican sausage pizza.

  •   Type of food:  Pizza
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 6pm –11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 15 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 846 6798
  •   Address: Av Niños Heroes, Puerto Morelos

3.- SALCICCIA “Amazing oven cooked Mexican sausages”

Salciccia is in a new location across from the town square in the port side of Puerto Morelos and tipped as serving the best food in the Riviera Maya. There serve a large selection of pork and chicken sausages. Don’t miss out on trying the “Queen of Sausages” served with lots of sausage meat, avocado, and salad – just divine!

  •   Type of food:  Bagels, Sandwiches
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 6pm –11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  5 USD – 15 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 206 9053
  •   Address: Av Jose Maria Morelos 33, Puerto Morelos


4.- TANINO´S WINE HOUSE “Über Trendy and chic”

 This is a highly romantic restaurant with candle light tables and soft music playing in the background, serving some of the world’s finest wines. This chic wine bar is tucked away in Puerto Morelos and is the ideal place to go with the one you love. 

  •   Type of food:  Dinner, International, Healthy
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 6pm –11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  5 USD – 15 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 235 4127
  •   Address: Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos

El Pesquero is located by the famous lighthouse of Puerto Morelos that was hit badly by hurricanes Gilbert in 1987 and Wilma in 2005. This restaurant serves amazing fresh fish tacos and ceviche and is the perfect choice who a seafood fanatics.

  •   Type of food:  Seafood
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 10pm –10pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 25 USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 243 0735
  •   Address: Av Rafael Melgar (Light house St), Puerto Morelos

This is one of the trendiest restaurants in Puerto Morelos, offering some mouth watering dishes. John is the owner and head chef and makes sure that each of his dishes is of world class standards.

  •   Type of food:  American / Mexican
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 2pm –10pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 30 USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 871 0655
  •   Address:  Av Niños Heroes, Puerto Morelos 

Located just 2 blocks from the beach, this is first of its kind in Puerto Morelos, offering delicious dishes including empanadas, salads, Pasta, pizza and grilled meats. Many people that dine here rave about the large potions, delicious food and excellent service.

  •   Type of food:  Uruguayan Grill & Italian Cuisine
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 5pm –1am
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 30 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 241 8220
  •   Address:  Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos


This cozy little restaurant is located right by the main plaza. This restaurant offers great snacks and meals. Their house specials include, Fish Fillet Veracruzana, Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Ravioli and the ceviche. You can have a great meal with a beer for around 15 USD per person

  •   Type of food:  Budget dining
  •   Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 5pm –1am
  •   Prices Per Person:  5 USD – 15 USD
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 251 7948
  •   Address:  Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos

Located in the main square of Puerto Morelos, this is a very popular restaurant that serves a variety of traditions dishes from Asia including Wonton Soup and Italian delicacies including their famous Shrimp pasta and Hawaiiana Pizza.

  •   Type of food:  Italian and Asian
  •   Opening times: Tues – Thurs 3pm -1030pm, Fri 3am -10.30pm, Sat 3pm – 10.30 Sun 1-9pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 20 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 116 8321
  •   Address: Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos

10.- CANTINA HABANERO “Best food, cold beer and entertainment in Puerto Morelos”

This restaurant is great for people of all age. It has regular bands that play live music, including well knows rock band Verigo777 and the award winning Mark Mulligan. There vast menu includes the famous Spicy Chicken burger, shrimp cocktail and the mozzarella cheese pizza

  •   Type of food:  Mexican / international / Pizza
  •   Opening times: Everyday 10am -11pm
  •   Prices Per Person:  10 USD – 20 USD (cash only)
  •   Phone Number:  + (52) 998 116 8321
  •   Address:  Javier Rojo Gomez Center, Puerto Morelos


 Puerto Morelos  Travel

 Throughout the year, Mayan Explore offers exclusive Puerto Morelos vacation packages to give you the best holidays. Sometimes we offer discounts up to 60%, free upgrades, and other Puerto Morelos vacation packages in order to have an unforgettable and memorable Puerto Morelos vacation trip. 

Remember: with Mayan Explore you will find the lowest hotel rate on the web. After reserving with us, please send an email tovacationassistance@mayanexplore.com with your reservation number and you will receive exclusive discounts for your airport transfers, a personalized activity plan and extra valuable tips for your vacation holiday.

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Top Activities in Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya #TravelTuesday

1.-  SNORKELING & DIVING “A must do activity in Puerto Morelos”

 For those people who love snorkeling and diving then this is the tour for you. You will be taken to the Parque Nacional Arrecife which is just 15 minutes from Puerto Morelos. You will have the chance to see the amazing colors of the coral reef, turtles, rays, lobsters, sting rays, nurse sharks, angel fish and many other types of fish.  

Location:  The reef is located roughly 15 minutes from the main pier at Puerto Morelos

Hours: 8am – 4pm

Prices per person: Snorkeling Tour 25 USD for 2 hours, Diving Tours from 130USD

2.- CROCOCUN ZOO “Get up close and personal with some amazing animals”

CrocoCun Zoo is located half way between Puerto Morelos and Cancun. This 100% interactive tour is aimed at letting its guests touch the variety of animals that they have and at the same time learn more about these endangered species. Some of the animals that you will be able to touch includes: crocodiles, snakes, lizards, monkeys and many more.

 Location:  Km 31, Riviera Maya. From Puerto Morelos head towards Cancun

 HoursEveryday 9am – 5pm

 Prices: per person: Adults 28 USD, Children 18 USD (up to 12 years if age)


3.- BOTANICAL GARDENS “A marvelous nature tour near Puerto Morelos”


Take a walk through the Mayan jungle. You will be able to see Mayan ruins, cenotes, spider monkeys, howler monikers, eagles, lizards and more. This is a great for families that want to learn about the Mayan jungle and its plants and animals. 

  Location:  Puerto Morelos

  Hours: Monday – Saturday 8am – 4pm

  Prices per person: 15 USD


4.- ROUTE OF THE CENOTES “Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters on the sacred cenotes”

The cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula were once believed by the Mayans to the gateway to Xibalba, the Mayan Underworld. Today we can snorkel and dive in these magnificent 65 million year old underwater caves.

 The Route of the Cenotes consists of 8 cenotes including:  Las Mojarras, Siete Bocas, Chilam Balam, Boca del Puma, Verde Lucero, La Noria, Kin Ha and Zapote 

The Route of the Cenotes are located on the main highway, some of them are found just north of Puerto Morelos and some just south. Entrance fees range from 50peos – 200 pesos per person. 

Each cenote offers something special, for example Las Mojarras Cenote has 2 large zip lines and a tower that you can jump off and the Verde Lucero you can snorkel in a complete circle around the cenote walls.

 5.- SHOPPING “Visit the Mayan Handicraft shopping centre”

Puerto Morelos is a great little town to do a spot of shopping, and buy some great souvenirs. Visit the very popular Mayan Handicraft Center where you will see local artists working on their products. You can buy cheap souvenirs here including hammocks, clothing, jewelry, art and more. 

Every Wednesday there is a market that takes place in the Main Square. Be sure to try some delicious Mexican food including: tacos, esquite and elotes

6.- FISHING “World Class fishing at Puerto Morelos”

Puerto Morelos offers world class fishing for Marlin, sailfish, dorado, and barracuda. You can arrange tours in the local dive shops or right on the pier.

 7.- RELAX “Unwind, relax and unwind”

Puerto Morelos is a quiet destination where life moves slowly and there is no stress. Get a massage, or hang out in a hammock and read your favorite book.


This is a unique bookstore in Puerto Morelos with more than 20,000 new and used books to choose from including: Mayan culture, learning Spanish, travel, fishing guides, and maps of the area. 


9.- RESTAURANTS & CAFES “Enjoy the restaurants and cafés in Downtown”

In Puerto Morelos you will find some of the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya. There are excellent coffee houses, restaurants and a bakery. You will find Mexican, Italian, Asian, Vegetarian and Seafood restaurants. 

 Throughout the year, Mayan Explore offers exclusive Puerto Morelos vacation packages to give you the best holidays. Sometimes we offer discounts up to 60%, free upgrades, and other Puerto Morelos vacation packages in order to have an unforgettable and memorable Puerto Morelos vacation trip. 

 Remember: with Mayan Explore you will find the lowest hotel rate on the web. After reserving with us, please send an email to vacationassistance@mayanexplore.com with your reservation number and you will receive exclusive discounts for your airport transfers, a personalized activity plan and extra valuable tips for your vacation holiday.


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